Monday, January 17, 2011


So I’ve lived in Washington for over a year now and lately I’ve been thinking about what I like here and what I miss from living in Arizona.

What I’ve grown to like about living in Washington

-  The fact that I can grow so much here!  I love being able to have a garden and not have to do much with it (besides getting rid of all the weeds).  I love how green it is.

-  Spring – I never appreciated the different seasons much until I came here (appreciated it in Germany, too)

-  I guess Chris being here with me.  Though I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him.

-  Walking around barefoot at night and not worry about stepping on a scorpion.

-  Having my own house and yard (technically it’s Chris’).  I have so many plans for them!

What I loved about living in Arizona

-  Getting to see my family and friends often.

-  How not humid it is.  I also loved the weather.  The sun.  Monsoon season.

-  The cacti and the mountains and the awesome sunsets (the desert in general).

-  How clear the nights are and being able to see so many stars in the desert.

-  Wearing a jacket in the winter because it’s “cold” (in the 70’s).

-  The citrus trees at my parents house.  I never bought a navel from the grocery store until I moved to Washington.  Even now I don’t like to do it because they’re so bleh.  And the lemons are so small!

And now for my observation.  In Washington there are a lot of Asians.  I haven’t seen this many in one place since I was in China.  On the other side of that, there definitely aren’t as many Mexicans here as there were in Arizona.  I guess I do miss that about living in Arizona. 

Another observation (this one more of a con):  People from Washington do NOT know how to drive in the rain.  It’s rather irritating.  Come on people, you drive in this every day!  I mean, it makes sense in Arizona.  I just don’t get it.  They also love to slow down for the curves on the highway.  And yes, there are a lot of curves on the highway.

Well there you go.  I’m sure I’m missing some things from my lists.  There are just the major ones that I can remember for the time being.