Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Season of Christmas

So the whole reason I was going to make a blog this time was to post pictures of my house for Lynette.  Funny thing is, I can't find them.  Yes, I could go outside right now and take a picture, but I'll save it for another day (sorry).  I have a bit to write about with updating anyway.  I still have the Christmastime and my birthday and snowshoeing. 

I really wanted to make a gingerbread house for our first Christmas.  Well, I want to get in the tradition of making one every year if we're here.  We had originally wanted to bake and design the gingerbread house ourselves.  Once it was a week until Christmas, I thought it to be a lost cause.  We went over to his friend's place to hang out where I saw their gingerbread house and was inspired.  Apparently Michael's had gingerbread kits on sale!  I went and stocked up on gingerbread house making stuff (molds, decorations, frosting designs, frosting tips, colors, etc).  We finished our house a few days before Christmas and were both impressed for our first house.


Christmas was fun.  Chris and I opened presents up in the morning and his family and friend of the family came over to our place for Christmas food and games.  We plan on spending Christmas with my family, but we couldn't afford it for our first year.  It was a very nice first Christmas together.  For the New Year, we had a few people come over.  Speaking of which, I had a couple of friends visit me during December and one the beginning of January.  That was fun.  Guess I have a lot more to update than I thought.

Marvin (the yellow cat) has been our expensive kitty lately.  We took him to the vet in December because he would bite his back pads on his foot and make them bleed (and getting blood all over my carpet).  I just wanted to make sure it wasn't infected.  It turns out his back lymph nodes were swollen.  Medication wasn't working so he got a biopsy on them a couple of weeks ago.  He also got a head cone because he was starting to bite his front foot and I didn't want more blood on the carpet.  He's ridiculous with that thing on.  It reminds me of Little Bo Beep (see picture below).  So the results of his biopsy were that they were filled with fat, because of an allergic thing.  At least he doesn't have lymphoma.  That would've been sad. 


I'll write about events from after New Year's on the next blog (along with pictures of my house, unless I make them separate).