Monday, December 12, 2011

Go Me!

I have always waited until dinner time to figure out what is for dinner.  It was always stressful for me, but I did not think about planning ahead.  A week ago I started planning our dinners a few days in advance.  I have wanted to try it for a while now, but I just have not gotten around to actually doing it.  What really made me finally take the plunge was to get start eating healthier.  I also want the practice so by the time our kids are big enough to eat with us, we will have many months worth of meal ideas.

We go to the grocery store on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (or Sunday) and plan the dinners the night before for the next couple of nights until the next grocery trip.  I am definitely eating more vegetables than I was before (which is great since I tend to avoid the vegetables).  And the nice thing about going to the grocery store a few times a week is that the produce is fresher and that I do not have so many groceries in one trip.  I am definitely the one to throw things in the cart that are not on my list.  It is easier for me to avoid doing just that when my list is short (especially since I avoid going up and down every aisle).  
I have been putting down everything we have for dinner in an Excel calendar for future reference.  I am so proud of myself for how organized I have been thus far (and the whole planning in advance and eating healthier).  One step at a time to making my life more organized.

I am addicted to Pinterest.  When I first started, I did not understand all of the hype.  After spending some time on it, I cannot stay away!  There are so many great ideas in many categories.  Chris even likes looking at all of the pins with me.  

I am thirty-three weeks along today.  It is crazy how fast my pregnancy is going.  Less than two months and we will get to meet our first baby.  Unbelievable.  Overall I have had a great pregnancy.  I expect to have as equally great of a labor, due to my amazing genes.  Last Friday, Chris and I slipped on ice walking back to our flat.  I had a hard landing on my side, mainly my right elbow.  My muscles are still sore from it.  What is comical is that my mom had a fall onto her right elbow when she was seven months along with me, though it fractured.