Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fence Installed!

We’re definitely excited that the fence was installed while still being here.  Now the neighborhood kids won’t be running through our backyard and shed while we’re gone (and even while we’re here).  I’m hoping the picket fence in the front will help keep them out of our front yard.  They can still enter our yard on the side, where the hill is. 



Because of the easement, we needed to put the picket fence back 6 feet.  I plan on taking out the grass (and trees) and putting a bunch of plants in front of the fence. 


Our neighbors can still see into our yard.  I plan on putting some plants that give us more privacy.



I really want to start on my yard projects now!  I’ll probably start this fall, when we get back from Belfast.

Monday, March 7, 2011


The fence people are coming tomorrow!  We got a call this afternoon to see if we were available tomorrow morning at 8 for them to come and put posts in.  Not much warning time, but we don’t care.  It’s finally going to be put in!  I was afraid it wouldn’t happen by the time we left (which should hopefully be sometime in March).  They’re coming back on Friday to finish the rest.  I’m so excited!  No more kids running through our backyard and going through our shed (which we put locks on after the fact).  Right now the backyard is only partially fenced, what the neighbors have fenced.  We’re going to finish fencing the back yard.  Also, we’re going to have a picket fence put in that will go just in our grass area.  The kids will still be able to get into our front yard via the hill of dirt on the side.  I plan on putting a retaining wall up after we get back.  That should keep them out for good.  Pictures to come shortly!

Not much else has happened besides the fence.  We still have no idea when we’re leaving for Belfast.  I’ll keep you updated!