Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So much for updating often

We’re still in the U.S. and have no idea when we’re going to Belfast. 

News from the past few months:

-  Chris’ parents moved to Arkansas.  My dad said that it was because I moved to Washington.  Perhaps…

-  I went to Arizona the end of July for a couple of weeks (it was so much fun to see everyone again)

-  Chris’ sister is living with us now.  Originally we were supposed to be in Belfast and she was going to look after the cats and the house.

-  Chris and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary by going to a lodge & spa for a night.  It was a lot of fun.

-  We haven’t really done too much or planned anything because of the fact that we were supposed to be in Belfast last July.  Our lives our currently on hold (or so it seems).

-  We did end up getting a new fridge when I found out that we weren’t going to be leaving for at least a few months.  The people we got the house from took their fridge with them and put in a crappy one from the 70’s that was not energy efficient.  Now we have a nice French door one.

-  Our dryer started making funny noises.  We are planning to buy a new washer and dryer once we get back from Belfast, so this was horrible news.  I did a little research and figured out that we just need to take it apart and put some WD-40 in certain areas.  Luckily, we haven’t had any problems since.  I just hope it will last another year without any problems!

-  I have so many plans for our yard area.  I can’t do anything until we get back from Belfast, so it’s been frustrating.  We want to fence the rest of our backyard and I want to put a white picket fence around our front yard.  I also want to put retaining walls up for our side yard and plant fruits and vegetables.  I also have big plans for a deck in our back yard, but that won’t be happening for a while.

-  I’ve been baking and cooking lately (once in a great while).  I enjoy it, but I hate how dirty our kitchen gets (and I hate cooking/baking in a dirty kitchen, which is usually how our kitchen is).

-  We installed a kitty door panel (it goes where the sliding door would go) for the cats to go out to the balcony.  Before I would just leave the sliding door open enough for them, but I started looking for another way because I would get bugs in the house.  The first month or so I would leave the flap open during the day for the cats.  I tried training them a few times, but it didn’t work out so well.  One morning, because I guess I wasn’t up early enough, Rigby managed to figure out how to go outside.  Chris’ sister got to witness this milestone.  Marvin eventually figured it out as well, so I no longer need to leave the flap open the flap for them.  A few weeks ago a raccoon had managed to get on our balcony (great feat seeing how we have netting over the top).  After that, I’ve been locking the flap at night.

-  I planted most of my spring bulbs, which I probably won’t get to see.