Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Weeks in Belfast

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been here for sixteen days already.  We’ve been so busy.  Chris has worked every day except last Saturday since we got here (not complaining, just pointing out that we’ve been busy).  I’ve been pretty busy, too, getting everything in order and picking people up from the airport.  It’s so pretty here.  The weather hasn’t been too terrible.

There are so many places we want to see.  The only problem is our weekends are usually busy with work.  We switched flats about a week after we got here.  I wanted the one we’re in now because it has a more open floor plan.  There’s a lot of noise (in terms of neighbors going in and out and cars), but it’s worth it. 

Back in Washington, Chris is about a thirty minute drive away from work.  Here, we’re less than two miles away from the work site.  I even walked to work and back one day!  It’s great being so close.

I’ll try and update after we do or go somewhere different.  Perhaps next time I’ll post pictures of our flat (but that won’t be until I have everything put away).