Friday, July 22, 2011

The Irish Fetus

I can’t believe I’m almost three months along already (1/3rd of the way done)!  I’m starting to feel better, though I’m still exhausted a lot of the time.  I never threw up, but I was suffering from nausea for several weeks.  My next appointment is the 1st of August. 

We’ll find out in two months the gender of the baby.  What’s funny is that before I was pregnant, we both wanted to wait to find out the sex.  Now, Chris wants to know immediately.  He’s finding it hard to wait even two months more.  I’m excited to know, though I’m not as impatient as he is.  I’ve only had one gender dream and the baby was a girl (Chris wants a boy so he didn’t like that dream).

I’m due the 30th of January.  If it’s really early, it could fall on Kimberly’s birthday (the 23rd) or even my birthday (the 18th).  We shall see.  I just hope that my little parasite isn’t born late.  Or would leech be a better nickname?  We really are excited for this fetus (I’m sure Chris will be shaking his head at my choice of words).

We’re not sure when we’re going to reveal the name, perhaps at birth.  We have a few picked out, but we won’t seriously think about names until we know the gender.

We don’t know when we’ll be back in the states, but the plan is to stop by Arizona first and then drive to Washington.