Thursday, March 22, 2012


I never realized how useful the library was until now (and how much money it will save me).  Growing up, I would just check out reading books for entertainment.  I’ve been looking into a lot of home improvement type and language books on Amazon (I have sooo many saved for later that the library also has).  To give you an idea of how intense my list is, I have 50 already checked out and about 70 on hold or waiting and still so many more I haven’t requested yet.  Thank goodness the library has a 100 book limit.  The books I have so far are decluttering and organizing, landscaping, gardening, and German.  I also was able to check out several cd’s to learn German.  I figure Chris can listen to it on his commute.  We’re going to be on a tight budget, so it’s exciting that I can also check out Kindle books for free!  That will save us quite a bit of money.  It’s so easy to buy books on the Kindle without realizing how much it adds up.

Cian still likes to be with someone at all times.  It may only last a few more months, but I should actually do something productive during that time.  I am thinking about getting more language books/cd’s from the library, specifically Spanish and Arabic.  Also, this way I’m not on the computer all day and not tempted to buy things on Amazon.  My goal is to do a half hour a day, at least three days a week for each language, including German.  One semester of college, I had Spanish class right after German class.  In Spanish class, I would think in German but then had to speak in Spanish.  It will be interesting to see how this will work out.  There’s a German school in north Seattle that I’d like to put Cian in.  It would be in place of the public elementary school here, but so far they only have preschool through second grade. 

Speaking of Cian, we bought a used jogging stroller for really cheap from a coworker.  I tried it out for the first time today and love it!  I like how easily it moves.  Cian was a little fussy before we left, so I was pleasantly surprised that he calmed down once we started our walk.  He looked so adorable in his snow suit.  I’ll try and take a picture next time.

I still have his birth story to write about, but next time I’ll probably write about the organizing of my house, specifically the pantry.  It’s going to be epic.  I’m excited!  And also of the house projects we had/will have done.

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  1. yes, do post house projects! I am SO glad that the public libraries started doing loans of e-books for kindles. My brother ended up downloading a CD with about 10,000 books for the kindle on it (for david's christmas present) so I think we are set for awhile. Have you read the hunger games? If not, DO IT! Good for you challenging yourself with learning languages. Easton was very much the same a few months ago where he just wanted to be held ALL the time-now its moved to he wants to WALK with assistance ALL the time. Best of luck!